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1,112 subscribers in 2 weeks...

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Usually, a single lead costs an average of $3 - $7 to get, so thought of getting free leads by any chance is purely golden. Then being able to get them by the 100s everyday, all day, nonstop in any niche and with almost no work is just plain ridiculous, if anything unbelievable

At least that’s what I thought until I saw FlowLeads generate free email leads with ease using lead funnels that took less than 10 minutes to setup, if you sell products online, you own a local business or your promote affiliate offers, get flow leads right now —— it’ll be one of your best investments in 2017.
Stefan Vlag
Top Marketer
What really stands out for me with flow leads is the beautiful templates that convert traffic really and the sleek drag n’ drop “sectional” based editor technology they’re using… most other tools have boring landing page and even when they go viral… you won’t get any leads, that’s where FlowLeads really smashes the competition.

"I wish I would have had this valuable tool when I first started building my email list. It would have saved me months of time and effort and thousands of dollars in income. Leads = Profits and this app will literally pay for itself quickly with the free leads you’ll be getting.
Bill Burniece
Super Email Marketer

As a software developer and online marketer for many years now… I can tell you one real fact. You can’t do this business without having an email list… period! I don’t care whether you get your traffic from FB ads, organic Google rankings, media buy, blogs or whatever, the only way you survive on the long term, rake in huge profits and have control of your business is to build your own email list.

When I got started, there was no flowleads… I had to pay through my nose to get leads and spend tens of thousands of dollars building software to sell to get buyer leads but now, there’s flow leads app that will bring you 100s of this responsive buyers leads daily for free and these guys are not joking, I’ve been through this app and I can tell you, the only thing I wish for now is “only if I had this 5 years ago”. It’s flawless, I’ve seen this thing in a case study get free leads live in front of me… it’s incredible, even if they sell it for $1,000… just get it right now, the value of this is over $10k.
Abhi Dwivedi
Prolific Software Developer
As soon as I have logged into the FlowLeads, I was absolutely blown away! With its simple to use and beautiful features that allow you to create a complete ‘lead capture machine’ literally within minutes. This means less fiddling with functionalities and more lead generation…

So you can finally have the leads you need to start getting results, like - making money, much faster than you have ever imagined especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to generate leads online yet. FlowLeads will help you build a targeted list of loyal followers of customers and the best part of it is that you don’t have to spend a cent on leads… this app will basically use a trolley to pack up leads for you on daily basis for free!

Email marketing is crucial to online success, it has allowed me to create a six-figure income online and that’s why I recommend FlowLeads as a MUST HAVE tool for your marketing toolbox so you can start getting leads too!
Katie Lendel
Six Figure Business Owner

This app (FlowLeads) is unlike any other software, methods and
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Are You Struggling to Get Real
Buyer Leads for Your Business... want real subscribers that will spend money
to buy whatever you're selling, right?

To build a successful online business and start making serious money, you need only 2 things...
Once you have these, a product and an email list, just promote the product to your email list and watch sales flow in.

Getting "a Product" to sell is Very EASY!

You have many options:
  • Create it yourself
  • Hire out (outsource) the creation, it's very cheap
  • Buy PLR products or products with resell rights and rebrand it.
  • Promote existing product as an affiliate

Whichever of these options you decide to use, you'll definitely have a product to promote to your list instantly or within a week at most.

But "Building a List" is Different... It's VERY HARD & COSTLY!

Unlike creating a product, to build a list, you need to:
  • create a lead capture page that converts
  • then you need to get traffic to it and don't even bother with free traffic, it's too slow and you'll never get traction, in fact you'll be lucky to have 100 leads in your first month with free traffic.

You use paid traffic if you really want results that matter fast and the 3 popular ones are Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Solo Email Ads

Each of them will cost you about $0.5 - $2 per click to your landing page depending on the niche, some niches cost as much as $10/ click but lets stick with the lower average.

At $1/Click, it will cost you $1,000 to get 1,000 Clicks on either Facebook, Google or Solo Email.

Problem is lead capture pages convert around 10% - 20% for cold (ad) traffic.

(we didn't just pull this number out our asses, it's a fact... here's even a campaign we ran recently)

So, assuming your page is really good and you get 18% conversion rate...

Then with 1,000 clicks which cost you $1,000, you'll have 180 new subscribers. Yup! $1,000 Ad Spend - 1,000 Clicks - 180 Leads Generated! That's $5.6/Lead!

Are you really willing to spend $5.6 just to collect one email address that may be even so worthless they'll never open your emails talk more of clicking and buying your products?

A typical email to your list (if you have good relationship with them) gets 10% open rate and 2% click rate

So for a list of 180 subscribers, if you send a promotional email to sell your product, you'll get these results:

Email Opens: 10% of 180 = 18 opens
Email Clicks: 2% of 180 = 4 clicks (22.2% of opens)

Seriously, will you use 4 clicks to sell a product? Honestly, nobody will even notice your email... Have you ever heard of anybody with 200 subscribers killing it online?

Never! You know why?

Because you need at least 5,000 - 10,000 subscribers before you can start getting serious traction in your email marketing!

This is why people run away from building a list because they believe it's TOO COSTLY.

Now, let me put that into perspective for you...

To build a list of:

1,000 Subscribers
$5,600 Ad Spend

2,000 Subscribers
$11,200 Ad Spend
5,000 Subscribers
$28,000 Ad Spend

10,000 Subscribers
$56,000 Ad Spend

Do you have $56,000 stacked somewhere to build a list of 10,000 subscribers?

This is why a lot of people fail online even when they have good products to sell, they never get to build a big email list because they don't have the money to do it and without an email list, you can't make any money online period.
But with FlowLeads App...

You'll Have Your Profitable Email List of Buyer Leads Built for You Faster,
Automatically and best of all... 100% FREE!

Check out some of our results using the software in our own accounts...

brand new account gets 528 new leads for free
astonishing 36.5% conversion rate

Day 2
It exploded and went viral turning the initial 182 subscribers into 812 subscribers FREE... that's 5 new subscribers for every 1 subscriber we got on Day 1

Day 1
Campaign started!

You Can Start Getting FREE Leads
Like This on Daily Basis in 3 Steps

Just Login to FlowLeads
App & Integrate Your Email
Service Provider

Create your auto-viral
lead funnel in any niche

Lunch the lead funnel,
sit back & watch your email
list grow on it's own

FlowLeads uses a unique and underground viral technology called "Mean Cat Method" to get guaranteed leads and that's why it's 100% different from every other email list building app in the market.

Other viral software will fail you because they focus on getting shares instead leads which is your main goal for going viral...

Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Go
Viral and Get Free Leads with Any Other
Software - It'll Fail You

I've been in that situation many times before now and I can swear it's just an empty fantasy... you won't get any leads

In fact, let me say that I was downright deceived by those who peddled their crazy "tiny-little" viral software claiming it was everything you need for your internet success breakthrough.

Here's Viral Campaign We Ran Using The Regular Method

Over 4,700 shares... it's astonishing but still was a "COMPLETE FAILURE".

If everything they've preached about viral marketing was true then this campaign was supposed to have generated 4 leads approximately for every single share.

And that would have been... 4,759 shares x 4 leads each = 19,036 Leads.

But this campaign didn't even generate up to 150 new leads, in fact... it barely got up to 500 clicks in total.

At this point, we were confused and couldn't figure out why a successful viral campaign like this would have failed.

The campaign went SUPER VIRAL but failed miserably in getting desired results and that's when we painstakingly discovered that going viral does not guarantee you'll get leads.

Be honest with yourself... when was the last time your viral campaign actually brought you floods of traffic, leads and sales?

I guess the answer is "never".

Because just like us, even though your campaign went viral, got shared by 100s or even thousands of people on Facebook, you discovered the ugly truth the hard way.

This is why you don't ever really use viral marketing anymore to get leads and promote your offers, you feel it does not work but you're wrong, you're just not doing it the right away.

The real reason you wanted to go viral was never because you wanted Facebook shares of
tweets, what you wanted were leads, real leads that will spend money and buy your products and we've discovered a way to get it.

A secret formula that'll force your existing audience to bring you guaranteed leads every single day non-stop so you can turn every 1 subscriber into 5 more subscribers

Then we built a cloud software to fully automate the entire process...

FlowLeads App

By far the fastest, most powerful viral email list building software on the planet!
This software is your BEST chance at build a big, profitable email list in 2017!

Here's One of Our Main Email Accounts We're
Growing Everyday with FlowLeads App

It went from 46,000 - 49,000 subscribers... that's over 3,000 new viral lead in 5 days - and all these leads came in FREE & automatically
And it even works on brand new accounts...

We just created this account 3 days ago and it's grown to 300+ new leads with just FREE viral leads
And here's another new account with 769 subscribers in 4 days
What is The Big Difference that "FlowLeads App get tons
of fresh email leads daily on auto-pilot" while all the other
regular viral marketing software poop out crap?

The Regular Viral Softwares Do Not Work Because:

They only aim to get your content shared using features like
"share to download, tweet to access, etc."

FlowLeads App Use the "Mean
Cat Method" to Get Leads

It doesn't give a "hoot" about sharing, it forces your existing audience to send you leads
before receiving anything from you. This way, it's not our business if they're sharing or
getting us traffic, the only thing which we care about and which is also guaranteed is
that we'll get leads.
Want Proof? See Our Recent "16 Hour Case Study" -
1 FlowLeads Funnel Got 156 FREE Leads in 16 Hours

In our last webinar campaign, we wanted lots of leads so we setup a viral
webinar lead funnel inside FlowLeads and launched it...

...16 hours later, the page had started getting popular really fast,
it has gotten shared over 41 times on Facebook alone

And on Twitter, it was just blowing up...

Bare in mind that we DID NOT place any Facebook or Twitter or any social media button in our pre-launch funnel...

All FlowLeads did was provide each of the audience with their own referral link and they started working like horses on this to get us leads.
Why wasn't there a social media sharing button?
I thought that was the game...

Because we've tested this a lot and we discovered that those "standardised" sharing where you pre-configure everything for your subscribers to just push one button and share doesn't work.

FlowLeads is all about what's WORKING RIGHT NOW!

And that's going native...

You need each of your audience to CREATE their own message in their own voice, the way their social media reach will follow them, trust and then join you - not the usual "standardised" sharing, it doesn't really work.

See real life sample of our audience sharing our content and bringing us leads in their own voice for this particular campaign...
But the real question is...


We both know shares isn't the real reason you wanted to go viral...
So, Did we get Traffic? Did we get Leads?

In just 16 hours, the viral lead funnel had gotten 700 visitors and 156 new leads
for us totally hands-free and the snow ball effect hasn't even rolled in yet.

When this campaign reaches 24 hours, that's when the funnel will fully mature and the snowball effect rolls in... my friend, when that happens, it's going to be a whole different story because that's when this whole thing explodes and free leads start flying in left, right and centre.

My personal promise to you today...

Get FlowLeads Right Now.
Launch Your Own Lead Funnel Immediately
You'll See Results TODAY!

Start Using FlowLeads App
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Standard Account Plans:

$99/Month Subscription
(2,000 free leads monthly)
$199/Month Subscription
(5,500 free leads monthly)

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Here's all the Power Features Stacked inside
this "Crazily Fast Email List Building Software"
that's making the competition whimper!

Easily Create Viral Lead Machine for Your Marketing Funnels in Minutes

FlowLeads is pre-designed to work for any type of funnels on the go, you could use it for your social media campaigns, your webinars, for product prelaunch, sell a product, direct list building etc., whatever option you choose, FlowLeads already have a custom setting for it.

Completely Done-for-You Funnels, Just Plug n' Play

You won't struggle with setting up your "guaranteed" viral lead system inside the FlowLeads app, ALL the funnels are done for you, just pick anyone and edit... that's it!

Setup Pages
in Seconds

You can literally setup your lead capture page, lead viral page and giveaway page in under 6 seconds.

Just enter custom names and hit "Continue" and that's it... completely done!

Over 100 High Performance "Viral" Templates

Inside FlowLeads app, there are over 100 high converting and powerful lead generating templates to choose from across multiple niches and for multiple purposes, whether you're giving away an eBook, Video Training, Membership Access, Physical Products etc. we got you!

Drag n' Drop Live Editor

No coding skills required, no expertise required either... just drag n' drop, point, click and edit to create your gorgeous landing pages in minutes. FlowLeads app comes with a highly advanced live editor with a robust styling engine allowing you to create unlimited designs in minutes.

Track Performance of Your Viral Lead Campaigns

Effortlessly track the performance of your campaigns and see exactly which campaign is performing extremely well, which ones you need to scale up and which ones you need to tweak.

Run Your Campaigns on Your Custom Domains Fully Hosted By Us

When going viral, it's very important that you don't use a mass domain, this is a secret that many marketers and software developers doesn't even know but we know and now we give you the access to run everything on your own custom domain while we host it for you

Create and Run Unlimited Lead Campaigns

When going viral, it's very important that you don't use a mass domain, this is a secret that many marketers and software developers doesn't even know but we know and now we give you the access to run everything on your own custom domain while we host it for you

This Viral Lead Generation Platform:

Is Fully Cloud-Based

Works With All Popular
Email Service Providers


Will Personalise Campaigns
with Your Personal Domain

Gets 100-300 FREE
Leads Daily

Runs on Full Automation -
Set it & Forget It Technology

Works in Any Niche

Gets You Results Same Day -
Start Using It Now and You'll
See Result Immediately
Here's a result by one of our members who has never generated
email leads online for the first time until she started using CBS
Lead App, and she's absolutely killing it... 200+ FREE leads daily.

FlowLeads App Have Really Cracked the Code on
Building Powerful and Very Profitable Email List
in Any Niche at the Push of a Button...

...and this has helped us build one of the most powerful email lists on the planet!

Look at the kind of money our email list makes us consistently...
These results are only possible because we have a huge email list growing at
a fast rate of 500-1,000 subscribers Daily for Free and on complete auto-pilot,
we set it up once and FlowLeads app grows the list automatically.
Do You Want to Start Making Money Like This Everyday?
...Then Start Growing Your Email List Immediately with FlowLeads!

Here's How FlowLeads Stack up Against Every Other Traditional,
Deadbeat Lead Capture Platform You're Probably Using Now

Beautiful Lead Pages Yes Yes Yes Not many
Lead Conversion Rate Very high Average Average High
Integrated with All Major AutoResponders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Campaigns Yes Yes No No
Unlimited Domains Yes Yes No No
Readymade Funnels Yes No Yes No
Unlimited Visitors Yes Yes No No
Customised for the 6 Top Marketing Funnels Yes No No No
Guaranteed Viral Leads Yes
(viral leads
(doesn't have the
(doesn't have the
Grow Your Email List 200-500 Free Subscribers Daily Yes No
(doesn't have the
(doesn't have the
Host Viral Lead Contests Yes No
(doesn't have the
(doesn't have the
Effortlessly Go Viral on Social Media Yes No No Yes
PRICING Only $497
One Time Fee
When it Comes to Collecting Leads, Growing
Your Email List Fast Effortlessly & Automatically,
We Have the Best Technology for It... period!

Coincidentally, we're the most Affordable too (other platforms don't even offer
have half the technology but charge you $1,000s yearly).

And for a limited time only, you can join us during this exclusive FlowLeads app opening and get a permanent account with "unlimited leads generation capacity & no monthly subscription"

Standard Account Plans:

$99/Month Subscription
(2,000 free leads monthly)
$199/Month Subscription
(5,500 free leads monthly)

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Get Access to FlowLeads Now
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