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So, what is this viral email list building loophole that's killing it right now?

"Physical Products!"

Here's the thing...

In other to get leads (viral leads), you need to give your audience a gift in return to share your lead capture page or refer a friend to sign up.

Usually, these gifts or bribes are digital stuff such as eBook, Software, Video Training, Membership Access, Coupon Codes, Discounts etc.

And they work averagely, sometimes they don't....

But we've discovered something that works ridiculously insane for getting viral leads fast and in droves... that's physical products!

Yes, giving away "REAL" physical gifts that you ship to their addresses drives audience in any niche loco and make them work like horses for you just to get you qualified referrers (leads).

It doesn't matter if it's a product of $1, $10 or $100, audience just go totally crazily for FREE physical gifts regardless of the niche.

They'll even refer their mother to sign up through their referral link just so they could get your gift, that's how addictive this stuff is.

We've used this in all our top performing campaigns and the results are absolutely incredible.

But there's one problem with giving away physical products free for viral leads. and that problem is "fulfilment"

Here's an example:

You start a viral campaign that gets 1,000 audiences to refer in 5 leads each to win $10 hair kit you're giving away.

This campaign will bring in 5,000 "Free" Viral Leads to you, all referred by 1,000 of your existing audience (PS: the viral loop continues to bring in more leads nonstop).

That's the sweet part, the ugly part is that you're now set back $10 per hair kit x 1,000 audiences?

You'll have to fork over $10,000 just to buy the hair kits... that literally means around $2 per lead.

This means that if you want to scale up your campaign and grow your email list to 20,000 subscribers, you'll have to invest over $40,000 in just purchasing the physical products you'll gift away free.

Crazy, right? ...

Personally, no one would be willing to do that.

And that is why you don't see anybody using physical products for these viral lead campaigns, even top gurus haven't figured out how to do this.

But what if I told you we now have a secret method of getting these physical products free?

The "Secret" Viral List
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